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Cloud Dominance

Ask ten people what they think the “cloud” is and you’ll get ten different answers. The reality? The cloud has been in existence since the Internet was invented.

Probably not the answer you expected, but it’s correct information like that, which makes deskside so important to your organization and prevents you from making an uninformed decision.

Moving to the cloud is a big decision and any business needs to consider several factors for why they want to move to the cloud and what ramifications there are for doing so. Moving to the cloud because it’s the “new” or “cool” thing to do is not a valid business reason. The “cloud” is not for everyone, and a common misconception is that it’s always cheaper. While that may be true for some cloud services it’s not true of all cloud services.

Before moving anything to the cloud consult with deskside. We can explain how it will impact your business and ensure that whatever cloud service you choose will be a positive impact, not a negative one.

Public Cloud

The public cloud is the one you've heard of in the news. Amazon, Microsoft Azure, IBM, on and on. Secure and always available, public cloud has an option for everyone.

Private Cloud

Want to have the control over your own infrastructure? You can create your OWN cloud using your hardware in a safe and secure data center while still freeing your employees to work from anywhere.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud takes a portion of both public and private to bring you a very flexible solution that lets you dip your toe, or wade deep in to cloud computing without being 'all in'.

What's right for you

Let our cloud engineers sit down with you and ask 'does this fit your business? will it save you the money it promises? is this the best choice for you and your employees?' before you make the leap.

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