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As your organization expands its remote workforce to allow flexibility and stay competitive, you no longer have control of a company network. Now you are responsible for supporting your business across any network – a home, a co-working space, a coffee shop, a hotel, even an airplane – from any device at any time.

How do you allow this flexibility to work wherever and whenever, and how do you ensure it’s secure?

At deskside, we built our company around a remote workforce culture. Our founders were pioneers in enabling work from anywhere at deskside and prior. While this may be a new frontier for your business, it’s been in our DNA for over a decade. 

Our secure remote access services are designed specifically around your ideal style of remote work or field work capabilities. Your business can benefit from mobile network access without compromising the high security standards that build and retain employee, partner and customer trust – and help you stay competitive in today’s hiring market.

When properly planned and implemented, secure remote access services provide the ability to work safely, effectively and with full access to the necessary tools and company resources. Successful implementation requires deep knowledge of all aspects of IT including networking, identity management, security, endpoint device management, monitoring, and alerting to ensure your access is defended against  both common and uncommon vulnerabilities. 

deskside’s security-minded approach to remote access solutions can help your organization capture the many benefits of remote work, stay competitive, all while countering risks to your network integrity.

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