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Your IT solutions are only as strong as your weakest link. A lot of times that weakness is found in personal access and authorization (e.g. Identity Management / IdP / IdM). Once a foundational element of IT during the client-servers days of the past, identity management has become an afterthought given the adoption of SaaS (Software as a Service) applications and the rise of Shadow IT as a result. Granting and revoking access becomes a challenge when not centrally managed by an identity management solution. This can lead to users having access post termination!

It’s more important than ever to connect every application your company uses to a centralized identity management solution. At a high level, below are the steps deskside takes to combat Shadow IT and ensure the right access is granted to the right systems with the least privilege:

  1. Adopting an identity management platform – deskside is a vendor agnostic IT solution provider so we have experience with all of these solutions including Azure Active Directory, Google Cloud Identity, Okta, OneLogin, and others.
  2. Implementing and properly securing your platform of choice.
  3. Identifying all the IT systems at your company
  4. Ensuring that these IT systems support the ability to allow centralized identity management – many systems require a paid upgrade to a certain level to access this functionality!
  5. Deploying the identity management solution to your users
  6. Mapping out a plan to integrate each application and change its access and authorization

By putting identity management practices and solutions in place before growth happens, we help businesses preempt the many of the challenges that come with team growth, new partnerships, and even business continuity throughout mergers and acquisitions. However, it’s never too late to gain control of your company’s identity management.

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