Protecting Your Business from Cybersecurity Threats

Can a Business Be Completely Protected from Cybersecurity Threats?

How much risk are you willing to take with cybersecurity for your business?

A knee-jerk type of response might immediately answer “none.”

In reality, that equates to thinking like, “What’s the best way to avoid being in a car accident? Never get in a car.”

To reach and serve clients today, there’s little choice but to expose your business to some cybersecurity concerns to function, grow, and thrive. No matter what you do, there is always an inherent, built-in cyber risk in the digital era.

The real question is, ‘how much risk can you tolerate?’

Invest in Cybersecurity Based on Your Specific Risk Tolerance

There are markets and actions taken within markets that will, inherently, carry more risk than others to your business security. Once you can accurately assess the level of risk you’re willing to take, you can better define the types of markets you feel comfortable serving and the opportunities you’re willing to pursue… as long as you are well informed of the cybersecurity implications that each choice is likely to bring. Business leaders who can accurately determine their risk tolerance can justify the necessary security investments to appropriately mitigate each risk as best as possible.

An IT services firm that can observe and understand a complete view of the business operation is best suited to make the most applicable – and forward-thinking- recommendations. That type of all-encompassing IT services firm is now known as a Technology Success Partner.

Why Choose a Technology Success Partner Instead of a Managed Service Provider or Managed Security Service Provider?

Cybersecurity doesn’t stand alone as an IT need for a company. A holistic view of cybersecurity incorporates appropriate employee training, networking, cloud-based operations, hardware, software, and more. The need for a wide spectrum approach to cybersecurity, coupled with ever-evolving technology, is consequently transforming IT management.

For the last few years, businesses have typically engaged IT services with a managed service provider (MSP) and/or with a managed security service provider (MSSP). With the urgency of digitized services and remote work that the pandemic brought, many business owners and organization leaders realized that having only one call to make for a more comprehensive IT service solution would solve many problems. This need hastened the establishment of Technology Success Partners.

Businesses need advice and consulting to navigate today’s more complex and technical digital environments. A qualified Technology Success Partner can:

  • Assess the whole scope of your business,
  • Help you predict cybersecurity risks associated with your business arena
  • Work with you to devise a comprehensive plan to address the threats without underinvestment or without investing far more than warranted.

Here are five of the many reasons businesses are now choosing Technology Success Partners rather than depending on outdated IT service models:

1) Breadth of Expertise

TSP’s have large enough teams to develop constant monitoring of your technology. That means many issues (including cyberthreats) can be mitigated before they become big problems. Hiring a TSP means you’re hiring a team with up-to-date expertise in every sector of IT – all working in tandem to grow and protect your business.

2) Integration That Works

So many businesses have bought new hardware and software through the recommendation of a managed service provider who really didn’t understand the full scope of needs. Or they’ve sought recommendations from multiple providers who had no interest in working cooperatively. Sadly, these businesses have often been left with an expensive technology investment that doesn’t actually fit the need.

A TSP takes a holistic approach to assess your business technology needs – both for today and for the future. That means you have one qualified team seeing your business’s full scope which can give you the guidance you need for tech investments. It also means you don’t waste money or time on the wrong technology.

3) Flexibility to Create the Right Fit

No growing business remains static; your TSP should be tracking your changing needs and willing to modify and adapt your support accordingly. That also means that your TSP is ready to assess and choose the right tech solutions without being beholden to specific vendors. A TSP with a vendor-agnostic approach will have the freedom to ensure your tech needs are met with custom-tailored solutions.

4) Proactive in Security – Reactive When the Need Arises

A qualified TSP will work with you to institute a detailed cybersecurity plan that achieves protection at a suitable level of risk. But even if a breach may still happen, they’re best trained to swiftly deal with the problem, minimize costly downtime, and ensure that a repeat problem never occurs.

5) Simple budgeting

Having one devoted IT provider – rather than different companies attempting to cover all of your business needs – means there are fewer moving parts to developing your IT budget. A technology success partner sees the whole picture and plans for how that picture needs to evolve to keep your business growing. That means fewer surprises with expenses and more simple budgeting when planning for future needs.

As a Total Technology Success Partner, deskside delivers full IT insight and management under one roof because we believe IT administration and support are just as strategic and necessary as IT security. You can count on deskside for everything from planning and project management to operations oversight that aligns with your boldest goals. We uncover even greater advantages through custom-fit solutions—all designed to deliver exceptional (not just acceptable) results.

Here’s the bottom line for businesses seeking the best fit for an IT support provider: does working with them actually give you peace of mind that your company’s needs are seen, understood, and attended to? The best chance of answering that all-important question with a ‘yes’ comes by working with a Technology Success Partner.

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