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With the abundance of available apps for work across desktop and mobile, finding and putting the right ones to work for you can feel like a challenge and a half. deskside’s vast knowledge of the application landscape can help match and provide a suite of applications best suited to you.

Our approach to application support lifts many of the burdens of sifting through countless options, matching and implementing optimal solutions for you. This helpful service encompasses these steps and more:

  1. Analyze and evaluate current applications against business objectives.
  2. Uncover and source alternative solutions that better meet your needs.
  3. Implement and administer solutions with training and continued support.
  4. Centralize authorized installs and updates for ease and accessibility.
  5. Ensure consistency and compatibility across your many devices.
  6. Maintain and manage vendor licenses, security integration, and compliance measures to keep you on track.

As with our commitment to engineering custom-fit IT systems around unique business needs, we approach every application with your strategic goals in focus.

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