Backup & Replication Protecting your data, onsite and off

Is your business fully protected against the threat of data loss?

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Businesses today thrive on data—and as data generation and collection continues to grow, so too does the need to protect that information. Not only to remain competitive, but to secure the trust at the heart of your partner and customer relationships.

Data storage and security is complex and unfortunately not immune to hardware failures or human error. Implementing robust backup and replication procedures is the best way to prevent the untimely loss of hard-earned insights and preserve your progress.

deskside’s backup and replication procedures provide continuous protection against small-scale and large-scale threats. Onsite processes allow frequent backups and quick recovery, while offsite replication provides protection against catastrophic events that could devastate local networks and systems.

Wth deskside, both these solutions are treated with security in focus, using encryption and additional measures to ensure your backups remain protected from access by unauthorized parties and other outside threats.

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